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Displaying Nodeprofile Fields for a User within a Node

I was banging my head against the wall this weekend trying to remember how to display nodeprofile fields with user information. It’s actually really easy and I thought I should write a post about how to do it for the next time I forget. In this case, I have a content type called ‘myuserprofile’ that is selected as the content type to use for nodeprofiles. In my myuserprofile content type, I have a field for users to enter their favorite food. There are two easy ways of displaying this information. First, we can grab and display it within a node. For example, say that I want to display a user’s favorite food on a page if that user is logged in. To do so, the following would work:

<?php global $user; //checking if a user is logged in if ($user->uid): //load the nodeprofile user profile for the currently logged-in user $profile = node_load(array('type'=>'myuserprofile', 'uid'=>$user->uid)); //print out the user's favorite food print $profile->field_favorite_food[0]['value']; ?> A second approach to displaying this information, is to put the following in the _phptemplate_variables function of template.php.

` <?php function _phptemplate_variables($hook, $vars = array()) { switch ($hook) { case ‘node’: //checking if a user is logged in if ($user->uid):

	$vars['profile'] = node_load(array('type'=>'myuserprofile', 'uid'=>$user->uid));
	$vars['favorite_food'] = $vars['profile']->field_favorite_food[0]['value'];
return $vars; } ?> ` Then, I can display the favorite food information on a page with: